Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Micheal gets his yellow belt

Congratulations to Micheal for getting his yellow belt. His Sensei says he is a natural! He has even started helping out teach the younger ones. Of course, I am a horrible mother for not getting him in Karate sooner. Think of where he would be if I would have gotten him in Karate in Elementary School. He would be catching flies with chopsticks now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My little girl is growing up!

For Jordan's10th Birthday, we took her to get her ears pierced. She was so excited!

Can you see the nervousness in her face on the ride up?

Picking out which earrings she will have put in.

We finished the night with dinner at Olive Garden and a big strawberry shake.

Had to show off the earrings.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas videos

Jordan's Christmas Dance Recital.

Christmas morning at our house. Minus the older kids who were at their dad's house.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Tis the season....for CRAZINESS!

Cannot believe it has been Halloween since I last published a post. So sorry it has taken so long. Well, I will update you on all the Christmas happenings at our place.

Sage Christmas morning in her new dancer pajamas.

Max and his stocking full of chew toys. What a spoiled dog!

Christmas eve. Jackson and Sage found a box full of packing peanuts and decided to spread them all over the family room floor. Jack was so proud of the mess he made.

Love our Christmas tree.

Max again....what a spoiled dog.

Geeting ready to go out and play in the 20 inches of snow we got before Christmas. Reminds me of the little boy in "A Christmas Story". Two pairs of pants, two socks, two shirts, etc. She even fell down and couldn't get back up.

Jack loves playing in the snow. I hope we will be able to get those boots of him in the winter time. He will walk around the house in his shorts and snow boots.

Having too much fun in the snow.




Jackson. woohoo! First year we were able to get him anywhere close to Santa.

Sage not wanting anything to do with the man in the big red suit.

We are so proud of Micheal and his friend Ben receiving their brotherhood in the order of the arrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mickelson Halloween party

Jordan's pumpkin

Jackson's pumpkin

Sage's pumpkin

Justin's pumpkin

Micheal's pumpkin

The big costume winners:
Scott and Debbie as Dog the Bounty hunter and Beth

Thanks to Leola and Glenn and the rest of the Mickelson crew for a great time Saturday! Can't wait till next year. Maybe I will come up with something better than Mario and Luigi for Jerime and I. Scott and Debbie - It's on!